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KELLY PETTIT, founder and clinical educator, noticed a need in the non clinical work place. 

A high percentage of medical emergencies occur at home or at the workplace. 

The need for employees to understand how to respond to a CPR or First aid situation while at work Is a reality. A life changing reality.

Her background consists of clinical education in the corporate and hospital setting. 

JEFF MOSS,. Chief Moss began his fire service career in 1989. He joined Morrow Fire Department in 2012 as Training Captain. 

His paramedic background brings much knowledge to the classroom.

Our mission

Chief Moss began his fire service career in 1989 with Cobb County. In 2012, he joined Morrow FD as a

The mission of CorpCPR is simple...

make the workplace a safe place.  

We do this by educating your employees on CPR, First Aid and team emergency protocol.

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Our classes range from 2-4 hours, depending on content desired.

All CorpCPR instructors are American Heart Association instructors.

To get more information or schedule a class, please "Contact Us" below.

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